At the suggestion of W H Carmichael of Sydney in 1925, various societies and organisations sponsored the planting of trees in Canberra for the beautification of the national capital. On 2nd August 1926 members of the Institution of Engineers, Australia (now known as Engineers Australia) ceremoniously planted trees in the Manuka Circle section of Canberra Avenue.

The party comprised 24 persons including:
Mr Charles Weston, first director of Parks and Gardens
Mr G A Julius (later Sir George), Past President, IEAust and Mrs Eva Julius, daughter of C Y O'Connor the New Zealand and Western Australian engineer
Mr W J Newbign, Chairman of the IEAust Executive Committee and Mrs Newbign
Mr J P Tivey, Chairman of Sydney Division and Mrs Tivey
Mr W A Curtis, Vice Chairman of Tasmania Division and Mrs Curtis
Mr M C Cootes, Chairman of Melbourne Division
Mr W Poole and Mrs Poole
Mr A Maughan and Mrs Maughan
Mr H W Flashman and Mrs Flashman
Mr R J Boyd, Mr F P Kneeshaw, Mrs Neale and Mrs Vout (Sydney)
Mr H G Trenchard, Hon Treasurer of Newcastle Division
Mr W Humble, Newcastle
Mr I V Doust, Queanbeyan
Mr E S Maclean, Secretary of IEAust

The trees planted by the IEAust party are a tangible link with the early days of the national capital. They symbolise the keen interest of the citizens of the young nation in the building of a capital city and the sense of nationhood established by the federation of the Australian colonies in 1901 and cemented on the battlefields of World War I. By contributing to the planting of trees in Canberra Avenue, the engineers indicated their awareness of the vital role of the engineering profession in building the nation.

Planting Canberra Ave trees
Planting trees in Canberra Ave 1926

Canberra Ave trees
Canberra Ave trees in 2010
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